Thursday, March 27, 2008


I am a happy person, I like being with friends and family, laughing and having nice conversations. But, there are moments when I feel like buying a plane ticket and disappearing for a while. Bringing lots of books, traveling, writing... a vacation where I feed my brain and my intellect. I will finally be able read Don Quixote in it's entirety... Haven't had time to read makes-my-brain-hurt literature since last spring when I read John Milton's Paradise Lost. I just feel that so many of my daily activities provide nothing, they are just synchronized steps that fill in those gaps of time.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I finally saw it. To be honest, I sort of put it off because I thought I would be disappointed. I thought, so much hype? No way could a great film be appreciated by so many people.

Know what I mean?
Well, I must say, without going too far into it... It is just as great as all the film critics and the people at the "Academy" said, for the most part. The direction was mediocre, in my humble opinion. But other elements made up for that. First and foremost, the Juno character is fantastic. I loved her. I want her to be my friend. She has guts. Major guts. But not only her, all of the characters were awesome in their own individual ways. The acting was half of what made it relatively exceptional. And also, of course, the screenplay. So much great dialogue and one-liners. Diablo Cody totally, 100%, deserved that Oscar. I laughed... and I cried! Yes! My cotton ball eyeballs actually shed a tear!!! See, I do have feelings.

Well, anyway, I know I was a bit late in the game, but nevertheless, I greatly appreciated that movie. It was simple yet symbolic without being obscure or trying too hard to be artsy and indie-ish.

And it made me love Kimya Dawson even more than I already do.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Today at work...

I met a very interesting old man. He smelled of cigarettes and quoted Oscar Wilde in a regular conversation. He knows art and literature and culture. I am sure he speaks another language or two and has traveled around the world. This man can speak of the most mundane things and describe them in a beautiful way. Articulation beyond comparison. He wears accidentally fashion-forward clothing, even in his old age, with quirky little ties. I am sure he is often misunderstood, especially in the circles he moves in. People with their noses up in the air, people that have everything and understand nothing. He is so simple and so complex and he is not captivated by the world. I am sure he does not notice or care that he is probably a spectacle to some.

I have always appreciated quirky individuals like him.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nutella Crepes

some may say it is quite abnormal
that your absence fills my days with thoughts
of your snow and this sunshine and the gentle buzz
our memories bring or maybe it's this glass of wine
usually i share bottles with you but we both know
i can do most things alone anyway
as my moon barely peeks out
and i keep going through the steps of day
you sleep very far away from me
but maybe the sky looks the same and you will
think of me as you glance up and remember
that you stretched but aren't gone because
i still feel you here and we will pick up
but we never left off because we just sort of
come together like that but why explain
you already know i can't say i miss you
because you are wherever i go

Sunday, March 9, 2008


in a world so full of nothing
and so empty of truth
we forget the true beauty
of human imperfection
and the total happiness
that can be found in simplicity
we are so big and so hungry
always searching for more
but we have everything
all those perishable things
that will distract
the greedy ego but only
for a little while
all that matters is forgotten
because this appetite is not
only insatiable but dangerous
and the sunsets are polluted
and Beethoven becomes boring
in a world full of nothing

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Second Spring

When I let go of everything that was comfortable, when I finally had the spine to turn on the silence and realize that these sweet, superficial cushions were a lot less than truth... but dressed real pretty- In that moment I became whole again. And now, after that period of zero, now I have everything that I need to move forward. WHY didn't anyone tell me this before????

If I had known that I really didn't need anything but what I had to begin with, we wouldn't have wasted so much time.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

La Valse des Monstres

You came out of nowhere, really
I did not look for you, and you did not search for me
Actually, maybe I did
Most likely you were the one that I was waiting for
But I waited without ever stopping to look around
Truthfully unaware that there would be someone
That might cross my narrow path and with
Gentle eyes and a funny laugh
Break through the thorny exterior and find this
Simple soul with many dreams and so little faith

Over bottles of cheap wine and homemade pizza
We became a pair and so we stand here now
And I think you get it and think you understand
How this crazy mind of mine works and how to halt
Those moments of dark thoughts and cynical commentary
When we discuss the future and San Francisco
And how you think that not all of my music collection
is extraordinary

Please remember that you have most of it
Except for the small parts I will never give away
Do not let my constant flow of words and the absence of affection
Make you think twice, because I am a bit of a coward
It is a lot more pleasant to continue moving forward
And never looking back
I am too selfish to give up and not big enough to try
And most likely I will find myself
Millions of miles away from here
But who am I to say
That I know anything at all?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Ode to the Sixth

Unwelcome and persistent
She screams about things I do not want to hear
Constant and truthful, she feels everything
That my heart, selfish and aloof
Chooses to ignore
Usually I try to push her out, but she is far stronger than me
And a lot more straightforward
Sometimes I manage to make her go, Or so I think...
but then she returns in my dreams
And I awake amongst constricting blankets and a heavy feeling
in the center of my stomach reminding me
How my conscience is not so quiet
and that my intuition is my best friend.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Chez Moi

  • wood floors
  • lots and lots of books
  • a growing movie collection
  • art on walls
  • a cozy fireplace
  • a small yet present wine rack
  • vinyl records
  • record player for aforementioned records
  • vanilla candles
  • a cat named Eloise
  • a deliciously comfortable bed with tangled sheets
  • the smell of coffee and him in the morning
I am...


in love with words.

Avec sucre

I love you in secret,
a secret that I keep even from myself,
Because something as fragile as this,
Should never be touched, except by the rays of sun,
that trickle in from in between the blinds,
and rest gently on our naked skin,
As I keep pretending that I am standing with two feet
firmly planted on the ground,
When I am actually dancing on the ceiling,
Upside down and with the biggest smile on my face,
and on the lips that kiss you, and have kissed you
for so many days.
Why should I say it?
We both know how fleeting this is,
why cement something that may not be here tomorrow?
It will be easier to forget this way...
Without having some silly verbs hanging in the air.