Wednesday, August 5, 2015

sabes que
apenas me doy cuenta
mis ojos son
dos enormes lagunas
no paran de llorar
las lagrimas sin limite
ya no las siento
solo caen como
mas agua salada
sobre el mar.
te busco
en todo
busco tu cara
tu voz
donde congelo
estos segundos
para ir corriendo
a ese lugar
rodeado de rosales
donde nos amábanos

me abres la puerta y ahí
entre la sombra de tus hombros
esta el único universo
donde hay luz
el único sitio que
me quitara este frío

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I am leaving you,
You have no soul
How can I love you
When your heart is
The most barren land
I am thirsty and 
Your hands are cupped
But empty 

My back is turned 
And I walk away into darkness
Ground under my two feet but 
There was no path plotted for me
I just went and went
With each foot closer to being
So much further away from
The hollow man with no soul

The weariness in my spine
A gentle whispering 
A reminder
Soon, soon I will arrive
I will get to where I'm destined 
But completely carved out
No roots, no gravity 
Just the drowning victim of
The man with everything 
And nothingness 

Monday, June 1, 2015

june, bring summer.

the dying sun cried into
the crashing moonlit ocean
the dying sun lurched forward
her beaming outpour of
a love lost, a love forgotten

the hot sun, heartbroken light
she dissipated into a constellation
a myriad of tiny explosions
she was large and regal and became small
to recollect and be born again-

breathing new life into a june sky
turning herself a deep tangerine glow
silenting waiting, silently weeping
until she could eclipse her moon love
once more. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

after almost three decades
of hot summers and
that many tepid winters
i realize 

                               i am my own fire.
        the arsonist of my devotion.

your face is the mirage
crystal eyes magnified by
a relentless desert sun
i want to drink from your lips
nourish myself from
your naked body and
the way it grows for me
you fill me, surface level
only liquid, not too deep
what i need when i am too thirsty
parched because i forgot

                          i am my own fire.
 a symphony of burning branches.
roots unencumbered. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

oh, my beloved
please do not fear
for you

they took your soul that night
defiled the creator of
every part of me that
still reflects light onto
this tepid atmosphere

the roots of the ash
our fire left behind
create the smoky
halo of your crown,

Monday, April 13, 2015

I never promised to be a marigold 
A crimson compliment to the beating sun 
The ethereal flower that does not cry

Always heated, rarely sunny
With grayish petals that become luminescent against the silver stars 
Belonging to the dusk sky, exploding before another day 
Like glittering shrapnel made of promises and you