Monday, November 24, 2014

(excerpt from an essay.)

It was just another typical night
in the same neighborhood we had frequented
with other people and different bodies
our lives an undeniable parallel, one soul
you barely drank anything and I pretended
that my thoughts were not already slower and blurry
I wanted to touch your hair, your hands
In that dim red light I decided to make you love me, come in

We stood by my car and wrapped our arms around each other
the first time of one million, a tiny second of hundreds of hours
You smelled like cigarettes, leather, masculinity, my passion
For an instant I felt my hips grind into yours, your mouth on my neck

But you were already walking away, a perfectly calculated dark shadow
The distance greater with each step you took but only ending the schism
We were no longer going to live mirrored lives, never intersecting
The unexplained magnetic force was far wiser and less careful than us
Our grenades had dropped and we would have to fight forever
For the other half of our being, finally present, unable to be let go again.

You are an island of me
Your earth is the only solidity
The only element beneath my feet
Your island is my universe
The celestial paradise where
We are two exploding stars
The only burning comets
Slaves to time that is
Bleak and never ending