Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I got the sparkle and shine
It sits on my finger like a gluttonous
Ornament meant to remind that
Property requires maintenance

Too tall and loud I
Shrink into the blatant monotony
The dollar, the expectation
The hustle to be something more than

Could've, should've

There are inks in my skin and
Too much history that
Flashes colors and says

Look at me
Glitter, depth
Too much work to
Peel and peel 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

s.illy d.elusional c.haracter b.itch a.nimated

so, where are you in all of this
just inching forward, small bits
in my mind i am lunging
and propelling myself-
floating, flying, up
but really the mass
of my body and perception
sort of make me pivot

down, quickly

i seem to picture stars
and substance and changes
the idea that great things
are being created and put forth
but really i just have
too much imagination and too


the sand is fine and colorful
it catches my eye and goes
    quickly, effortlessly

weighs nothing.

Friday, August 31, 2012


if anything
i love you more
 this lack of you
 the emptiest of spaces

 i walk around it
 my life is full
 overflowing, scattering
 and your space
 it's big and wasted

 come back
and let's fill up
 on words and songs
 your lovely, crooked
 smile and eyes

 for now
 i pace
sitting still, running

i wait

Friday, March 2, 2012


you're pretty funny
but you are sad
because you sort of
just go and act, bend
so easily but i suppose
it is not your fault
you, with the putty
the frame of your soul
is weathered and old,
the meat inside of it
fetal and

your face is glowing
so beautiful of
greens and pinks
the pretty colors
that never seem to
look any less
bright and they
draw me to you every
single night because
everything flatters you
as i look through this
glittery, but thinned
silky perception

you sink me, but i like it
the warmth as i drown is
comforting because i am
fully covered, toe to hair
with your uncertainty, frailty
your sort of, here
sort of