Sunday, June 29, 2014

When all I want to do is
Scream and pull my hair out
To be naked and free
In the moments when I forget
That I just have to keep it cool
Always reserved, always pretty
Mostly quiet but just loud enough
To keep them coming back for more
Of the classy one with the
Big eyes that say everything & nothing
All at once.

Spring is over

Sometimes you hold on tightly and with both hands because you know that
Everything wilts in time and sometimes it isn't much time at all
Just enough so that it hurts in a way that cements your insides and
You become a zombie just like all the others

Just a shell of what you were before that one soul set itself apart
From every other shitty human
And came only to complete you
In waves of happiness, and then only leave broken shells

As we weave through existence
Never whole again, but knowing exactly how it felt...
Everything erupted
And then the void

Thursday, June 26, 2014

the morning breaks through the window though it's tightly shut
she earnestly stops in even when no one wants her
the pretty bandit coming to kill
because with the end of night comes the start of another intention
to keep doing something that may someday resemble
the reality you wanted when there was still hope that
we create the days, the truth
of what will replay when we are dead and over
and someone else is new and wasted
trying to hide from that very same light

Saturday, June 21, 2014


no es mucho pero es algo
el amor que llega a ti sin que
lo esperes mientras sigues con
la idea que nada de lo bueno
llegara solo y pleno para ti
pero aquí me tienes como
la sirena que jamás esperabas
algo que no es real pero te ama
como el día nuevo que no vez llegar
como la noche que cae sin palabras

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I want to be the one who
Creeps into your darkest thoughts
The ones that come in loneliness
When you forget the bony joints
That dig into you as I try to
Take every single breath and create
A love that can endure all things

I will keep feeding your love with
My warm blood that scorches when
The way you look at me says that
Every other human is a shallow distraction
In this insignificant twosome of humanity
I find everything I've ever craved

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

In the most dark of rooms
There exists purity and no silence
The unmistakable shadow of that which
Will reach right over to your neck and
You lay there sort of still basking in
The frigid air that seeps through the breath of
Your soul and whatever came here tonight
To rip it out with an open mouth that tastes you 
The spool is empty now, there is no road back to 
The place that carries you here 
Where you empty and feel nothing 

The only warm thing

Just another floating soul
With small plans but exuberant ideas
Of what sounds good and will flourish
With the passing of time and the
Strong will of hopeful expectation