Friday, June 20, 2008


the passing of time is different this evening
its gradual stretch slower and slower
i stare at the framed nothingness
that adorns these ugly walls
i will never exist here again
within this big space that
contains a tiny piece of my history

the end tonight will signal
the beginning of everything else
that will be thrust upon me
as i take my first few steps alone
abondoning the crutch of familiarity
choosing what is foreign and shiny
new and untouched by the hands
of my boredom with the unjustly mundane
routine that was my life

that was until i packed up
my life inside a brown box
taped three times over as if it
actually matters if the contents
were to be spilled, anyway
i am not attached to any of this
these streets signs that connect
all that was me at some point

a different moon, smaller stars
new air, better strangers
this is what happens
when you deal with opportunity
a huge blind leap

just like that i became


Tonight, everything will be different.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

William Clarke Wontner

Title: Valeria
Oil on Canvas
Size 25 x 21.1 in

Monday, June 16, 2008

A couple of you that know me personally often say I underestimate people, or situations. You forgot to remind me that I can also overestimate... which is far worse.


After over fifty years together, Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin will be legally married in San Francisco today. The fact that gay marriage was ever an issue to begin with is baffling. How much progress have we made really? Small steps I suppose. It's just embarrassing that in the year 2008, such a simple human right should be a matter of controversy. Still, I congratulate the victory.

Maybe marriage is another one of those things we do not appreciate because it comes with no effort, all you have to do is decide to walk to the courthouse and that's it! Well, that is if you are a "straight" couple. People either abuse marriage and do not respect what it symbolizes, or they shit all over it because it is an "outdated institution" and have become so disillusioned with the divorce trends.

Can some please accurately define marriage for me?


Barber Shop

I think I may have written about him before... but maybe I haven't. For the past year, every single morning, I walk past a little barber shop on my way to work. I stop to chat with the old man that owns the shop every time I walk by... once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I don't know much about him, and he does not know much about me. All that I know is that seeing him puts a skip in my step. His smile is so genuine, he always has something nice to say. Every. Single. Day. He tells me that seeing me makes the rest of his day better. Ditto, I say. I mean it.

Today I told him I am leaving. I felt very sad while doing so. I didn't think I would, but I truly did. He told me he wishes me the best of luck, though he hates to see me go. He said I am taking his sunshine with me. I told him we didn't have to say goodbye yet, that we still have four more days. He laughed then, and responded... "I never say goodbye. We will cross paths again. I promise." He looked so certain while he spoke, looking me straight in the eye.

I hope he is right.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

yard sale

they walk around, meaningless chatter
hands touching what was once so personal
bright pieces of paper stuck on these objects
proudly displaying bargain prices
completely stripping these things of their
true value, the dust has not even settled
the books, the chairs, all of the clothes
no one stops to wonder if parts of her
still linger in the fabric
or in between the pages of words
that kept her company
the pieces of paper are removed as people
greedily clutch what does not belong to them
a stranger's treasures, all that is left
the house is emptier now than it ever was
full of people comfortable in oblivion

that last day, in those final moments
the heaviness of giving up
and how light the burden felt
after the trigger was pulled
the walls will remain
the only witnesses of the
loneliest exit.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Guilty Pleasure #17

I love pretending not to notice someone is rushing to get into the elevator in my building and I just calmly step inside and make the doors close... and stand alone inside with a smile on my face; I hear their hurried footsteps as they try to squeeze in at the last minute but it is too late.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The lucky one is the biggest fool. Always had everything, it is all handed over so neatly and easy to swallow. Without ever having to try, never satisfied, wandering eyes, hoping for something better when the best is what always was.

Michelle Obama

So, as I was getting my daily dose of news & politics here on the interwebs... I came across this:


I laughed out loud. I laughed out loud because right-wing conservatives really amuse me (though they have also proven to be dangerous), and I especially get a kick out of the "Socialist" tag-line they put on anyone with a brain. Sorry she doesn't speak of Jesus, she wasn't part of the rodeo, and she had to work hard to attend both Princeton and Harvard. She has balls and doesn't put up with crap from anyone. Though I do not know Mr. Obama or Mrs. Obama on a personal level, I would be confident to say that he depends on her for a lot more than just wearing pearls and skirt suits to help his campaign. She is very intelligent, supports her husband, and has a head full of ideas on how to improve our lovely U.S. of A.
She is constantly called an "anti-patriot" by Republican fucktards that do not realize that her dissent is actually an effort to save her country from the demise incurred by the Bush administration and the ignorance of people like the person that photoshopped the picture of her I included above.
I like her. And if that other blonde bimbo becomes First Lady, I will gladly turn in my passport and move overseas.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

there is permanence
in nothing.


Born Ruffians

"Put your head upon my chest, it breathes
and my fingers through your hair they weave
and your shoulders are the perfect sea
In which I get lost invariably
Oh the elephant is up to sea
If it meets the peach fish underneath
and when I am you and you are me
We are stirred as spoons in lover's tea"


donkey buzz
cool night air
window down
volume up
beethoven's 9th

Monday, June 9, 2008


I just presented my resignation letter to my boss.

I have been waiting for what seems to be an eternity for this to happen, and all of a sudden things are happening a mile a minute. In less than two weeks, I will be saying goodbye to San Diego.

I bought a road bike. Bike riding is fun. Clementine has a new hobby.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Two weeks...

from today.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Let's celebrate!

Half the battle... VICTORY!!!!!!
I will be celebrating Barack Obama's win for the Presidential nomination... a bottle of wine, some cheese... YES!



Sunday, June 1, 2008

Great minds think alike...

Catherine Deneuve and Yves Saint Laurent, 1966.
Remind me of Marc and Sofia :)

Rest In Peace...

Yves Saint Laurent died today in Paris.
He re-created women's fashion.
He broke all the rules.
With him dies an entire style revolution.