Monday, March 16, 2015

cuando siento el amor que te tengo
solo me imagino un pleno paisaje
yo sola flotando sobre todo el perdon
yo sola contra la marea

es tan grande y tan cansado
vivir y vivir y siempre
tener que respetar el pasado
el ayer no es nada, ahi no existo
en ese lugar no tienes a esta mujer
con dos manos hacia el cielo
rogando, pidiendole a la obscuridad

abre los ojos
toma en cuenta
el volcan en mi pecho
la luz de mi lealtad

en esta vida todo se acaba
con el dolor
siempre hay fin.

you showed me the way
to the dark and entangled forest
your arms directed me to the place
where you know i would wait
with every kiss and sigh
you nagivated my demise

i resisted going to that place
where every tree is rooted in
just loving you and adoring
the thorny shrubbery, the roses
a selfish moon that only lives
to eclipse the sun and teach her
she burns too bright, she needs to pay
for the time amongst wildflowers
the past affair with helios himself.

Monday, March 9, 2015

that mindless mermaid
a series of knots and crashing waves
the pinnacle of life and absolution
the last stop and then nothing.

the medusa mermaid
three large stone eyes
but arms that wrap around
until there is no oxygen 
just a dark immensity, onyx
so black you see images
your life rehearsed, repeated
every single lie on the record player
spinning crooked vinyl
your creature lost at sea 
i am just a tumble weed
coasting and riding the turbulent air
of scorching winds and the dusty asphalt
an inundating mix of twigs and branches
somehow growing and still going

sometimes i wonder as i ramble
hitting some hard edges, cracking
where do i go exactly!!

where am i venturing on