Wednesday, August 27, 2008

headphones and a bus ticket

maybe if my hair would suddenly become longer
and i stopped daydreaming just for a while
everything would truly makes sense and i would know
that there really isn't more than this
just years of following the lead and
going through these steps in correct order
i need to remember that daisies stay closed sometimes
even when the sun is out and kissing the petals
most things lose their depth when you see them
as they are without all the extra coloring
there is no artist that didn't die
nothing is abstract unless studied from far away
distance providing the illusion that something
substantial is waiting for me if i just keep filling
my mind with these beautiful melodies and words that
fit and when put together help me understand everything
i am sure one of these mornings i will pop out of bed
and be just as transparent as the rest
hoping for the simple things that come easy

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sometimes, you really need to just go with the flow.