Thursday, May 29, 2014

Entre todo esto y la obscuridad
Existe tu luna que se pega
Contra el mar y alumbra
Un corazón que no le tiene
Confianza ni al amor ni al tiempo

Pero con tu labios en mi hombro
Tu mano entre mi piernas
Vuelvo a nacer como la girasol
Que siempre crece y nunca muere
Porque sólo quiere acariciar
La cálida luz que siente 
Cuando viene el amanecer

Sunday, May 25, 2014


The king of my bliss
With your lips on
My sticky skin you
Take me right to
That center where
The good comes in waves
I'll feed you what you want
If you keep the fire

My sun and the moon
Already belong to the
King of the universe you

There are parts that are still
So raw and bleeding the smell
Is just too much for anyone
The pungent aroma of frailty
Acts like a punch in the throat of
My silly adoration and the core
Of what I wished for every single time
I just wanted the simple and happy story
Holding on to that with both hands
Left me with nothing but a shady soul
every vein is empty, it's dead
There's nothing but empty breaths and
A stale memory.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Out of something too decayed 
Blackened, crumbling
In that aged and splintering silence
The night shined her skies
With their exploding constants
Now there's a light
That showcases this greed
An addiction that fuels itself
In the darkest hours 
It's where I lay in this 
Where I only take and take 
Because it's illuminated and I 
Grew so tired with the cold 

Monday, May 19, 2014

in the small space of your bed
with your legs hanging over
i lay entwined, into your roots
nothing has to be said because
the way we fit into each other
goes to the very center where
no one else exists, not even us
only these words and the devotion

you have created in me
the woman i never was
one that is soft and i let
my blood boil and spill over
only for you
i have relinquished the guise of
being one and with no one
i'll be small for you so you can take
and feed from this forever

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


and you're like a magnet because
I go to you without a thought
It's not me that walks with you
In the night when everything is silent
It's whatever exists inside of me
& wants to burn

When the only loud thing is
The pull between us, the way I want
To just fall into you and I don't care
Because good things feel right
And bad ones mean nothing

You're the soul I needed
Like the right song that
Cuts right into you and
I remember what I've been missing
You remember you're alright

Sunday, May 11, 2014

You brought the fire back
& I feel everything again
The way the smell of you sticks
Cigarettes and leather

I drive away but it lingers

Now we are a grenade
too warm and it feels good
One day it will ignite
And everything around me 

Will burn

Every part of me wants to feel
Every part of you
I want to reach up and have you
In my face, so every word is clear
And as everything becomes nothing
We remain